Skål – A Trials 101 Guild

Skål is a trials guild on the ESO PC/NA server which focuses on getting players new to trials into the raiding scene. TLDR: If you want to learn to raid, read on. If you’re looking for a high speed raiding guild to farm scores and achievements, unfortunately we aren’t for you (If you’d like to help folks learn however…)

Our guild has several weekly trials scheduled that range anywhere from geared for complete beginners on Normal difficulty up to more experienced raiders looking for their first clears on vet in some of the more difficult trials in the game. Some of these weekly runs are set teams while others are open raids that you will sign up for on a weekly basis.

Joining Skål is an easy process, you can find us in the in-game tool and apply, or simply hit our discord server, read the rules and welcome channel, and then post in the recruiting channel that you’d like to join. After joining all members are expected to ‘apply’ for our guild on our ESO Raidplanner page where our sign-ups/scheduling is held.

If you have any further questions you can hit up Sigtric or any of the other officers and raid leaders in the discord!